The List


Live in Asia
Tour the Demilitarized Zone: South Korea
Dress up like a geisha: Kyoto, Japan
Walk the Great Wall,Trek Tiger Leaping Gorge: China
Trek the Annapurna Circuit and/or Everest Base Camp: Nepal
Taj Mahal: India
Full Moon Party: Thailand
Angor Wat: Cambodia
Van Vieng, Ride an Elephant: Laos
Drink Snake Blood:  Vietnam
Drink a Beer in the Highest Bar in the World (street level): Hong Kong
Bali: Indonesia


Study abroad (Sevilla, Spain)
Wander in the Louvre
, Moulin Rouge, Beaches of Normandy: France
Alhambra,  Rage Madrid, Ibiza, Tomatina: Spain
Auschwitz Concentration Camp: Poland
Party in Prague
Drink a Guiness: Ireland
Oktoberfest: Germany
Walk across Andorra
?? -Montenegro
Tour a Public School: Finland
Trek Tour de Mont Blanc: France

.:Central/South America:.

Live in South America
Inca Trail: Peru
Trek Torres del Paine Circuit: Chile
Dance Tango: Chile
Easter Island
Stay in an Indigenous Village: Mexico
Island Hop: Belize
Machu Picchu: Peru
Zip Line: Costa Rica
Patagonia: Chile  
Mayan Ruins: Guatemala
Volcano Surf: Nicaragua


Yonder Mountain String Band:Summer Tour (w/P@)
Phish: Summer Tour (w/ P@)
Fuji Rock Fest: JAPAN
Pretty Lights: Red Rocks
The Avett Brothers
Get on stage at Girl Talk
Manu Chao: South America
K pop concert: South Korea

Go Whitewater Rafting
Bungee Jump
Zip line
Rock Climb
SCUBA dive


Run XC in college
Run a marathon
DMZ International Peace Marathon: South/North Korea
Pikes Peak Marathon: Colorado
Run a 50 mile race

Celebrate New Years in a foreign country from 2009-2013:
2009: Sevilla, Spain
2010: Montezuma, Costa Rica
2011: Cuetzalan, Mexico
2012: South Korea
2013: ?

My South Korea List
 Lotus Lantern Festival: Seoul, South Korea
Mud Festival
3-day Trek: Jirisan


Become tri-lingual
Get my masters degree
Spend an entire year travelling
Teach at a Spanish immersion school
Get married
Have ONE child
Be conversational in Korean
Learn Arabic

Will finish soon… while desk warming.


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